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Access To Masters

Imagine you had direct access to true Masters of Business and could ask them any question. How would that propel your business forward?

Here’s how you can get advanced training, otherwise only available in our $14,000 Excellerated Business School which just celebrated its 40-year anniversary - and make a real difference.

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Online Program - Worldwide Access Anytime

Dear Successful Entrepreneur,

If you’ve ever wished you could play a bigger game, have more impact and build kingdoms of wealth in the process; the next five years will be your window.

My name is Dame Doria (DC) Cordova, and over the last 40 years I’ve helped to build the Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs, now expanded to what we call the Global Excellerated Business School™ for Entrepreneurs (BSE) – part of a little-known educational curriculum that includes the Money & You® program that helped launch the career of Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad / Poor Dad book series) – and have had graduates like Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul)Ben Cohen (Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream)Paul Mitchell (Hair Products), and countless other multi-millionaires and billionaires.

Over this time, our organizations have helped more than 118,000 savvy business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals from countless industries – and from over 85 countries –  to identify lucrative opportunities and “get in” on the ground floor. 

And now, for the very first time, we are opening up our unique Access to Masters program, which is the first time that you can learn from our Business School teachers online and even ask them questions regarding your own business. Imagine what it would mean to have only one recommendation how to scale your business.

In my own experience, a 5 minute conversation with a true master tripled the value of my business immediately.

And I have seen that happen again and again in our business school. We have helped and literally started multi-million Dollar businesses.

While we cannot duplicate the advanced teaching technologies and the 8-day immersion of Business School in an online format, this program will make the teachings available to you.

The world needs your business to succeed - and it needs your help to solve a myriad issues...

If you think the governments will save the day, unfortunately you’re wrong.

The U.S. Government can’t even work cohesively to overhaul the national healthcare system. How in the world are the multiple governments going to work together to solve large-scale global problems like Climate Change and poverty?

There’s too much in-fighting, too much political game-playing and too much red tape to make any real progress. And as technological change accelerates, and global issues worsen, these inadequacies are only going to become more pronounced.

The fact of the matter is this: the world needs innovators, problem solvers, visionaries and action takers to guide us through the storm. The world needs entrepreneurs…

The world needs YOU.

How Can One Person Make A Difference?

In more ways than you can imagine…

There are already countless success stories of entrepreneurs tackling social issues head on … like:

CrowdOptic, a new company that’s harnessing video footage taken by crowds at disaster sites (like bombings, fires and hostage situations), to give fire services, paramedics and police 360 degree “eyes on the ground” views and make better decisions, faster.

… and …

Worldreader, a mobile app that provides over 23,000 free e-book titles, in 43 languages to 69 countries around the world in an aim to improve the world’s literacy rate.

There are also numerous other businesses who have worked “contribution” and “making a difference” into their business models. Like the outdoor clothing giant Patagonia, which injects a large proportion of profits into environmental conservation each year.

The simple truth is, you can make a difference, but you need to act fast…


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The 3-Steps YOU Can Take to Position Yourself in the Center of “The Storm” – And Profit Wildly

(Even if you know nothing about technology, renewables - OR - socially-responsible capitalism)

So what’s the difference that makes the difference for the elite money masters of the world?

How can they consistently make huge global impact?

Why will they adapt to the change with elegance and make billions in The New Wave – while other entrepreneurs flounder and fail?

Well, through my nearly 40 years observing the evolution of over 118,000 world-class entrepreneurs through our schools, I’ve narrowed this difference down to just three things.

Here are the 3 steps you can take to prepare for (and prosper through) the impending storm...

Step # 1: Get Connected

I’m not just talking about joining your local “mastermind” or having a beer with your business-owner buddies.

If you want to play a bigger game, you need to rub shoulders with a network of game-changers. People with influence and capital. People who change the world on a daily basis.

 The Musks, the Bransons and the Gates’ of the world don’t operate in isolation. They live in elevated social spheres made up of other ultra-successful innovators, entrepreneurs and investors.

And they leverage these networks for all that their worth.

With a single phone call, or the click of a mouse, they can secure hundreds of millions in funding… collaborate with an entire army of billionaires on unthinkable ventures or rally together to tackle social problems that seem unsolvable.

(Did you know that Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Meg Whitman and others have teamed up to combat Climate Change with the Breakthrough Energy Coalition?)

These are the sort of connections you need to flourish in through the storm.

And that’s where I can help.

In a minute I’m going to reveal how YOU can get an invitation into this exclusive society of ultra successful (ultra-wealthy) entrepreneurs. And how you can learn, network and capitalize with these tycoons through the most exciting era of change our world will ever see.

First, lets look at step two…

Step # 2: Learn The Fundamental Wealth Principles

Let’s be honest.

Some of the tools, processes and structures you rely on to run your business and make money today in many industries are going to be wildly-obsolete in the next 5, 10 or 30 years. (I think you know that, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this )

My point is, nobody on earth can keep up with the changes, and mastering the tools and tactics of 2018 won’t buy you wealth in the future. (Just look at the sudden downfall of past technology companies like Kodak, Nokia and Blockbuster Video Rental - all of which failed to keep up with innovation)

The fact of the matter is…

Real Success, Real Wealth, Real Prosperity in The New Wave … Will Be 90% Reliant On Proven “Generalized Wealth Principles”.

The elite money masters of the world understand the underlying, universal laws of wealth creation on a visceral level.

These principles never change, never waver and never fail to multiply your wealth and happiness, year after year.

They’re as reliable and repeatable as the laws of Gravity, Relativity and Cause and Effect. And they will transform the way you view the world, do business and make money for as long as you live.

How do you learn them?

There’s really only one way.

In the ‘70’s, the co-creators of this work that I eventually inherited (I was a great student!), pioneered these principles along with sound business practices.

That team pioneered the transformational, experiential, entrepreneurial education industry that exists globally today (and is taught by many of our graduates who are now household names)!

Ever since, we have been testing, tweaking and refining these principles and tools (along with the learning technology behind teaching them).

We’ve put them to the test over and over again in real life situations, through all sorts of market conditions. And, when implemented, they’ve never failed to create life-changing wealth...

In fact, these principles have been taught through the now named Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs (BSE) for almost 40 years and have created more high-profile, high net worth entrepreneurs than any other entrepreneurial educational program on the planet.

Now, I’d like to invite you to learn these same principles, through the same “Excellerated Learning” technology so you can profit wildly through this perfect storm of market super-factors.

Which brings me to the final step.

If you want to position yourself for huge success, you must...

Step # 3: Commit yourself to constant, voracious learning

“The only way to win is to learn faster than everyone else.”

-Alan Ries, Author of The Lean StartUp

I’m sure you probably already consider yourself a passionate learner … It’s how you got to where you are now, right?

So it will come as no surprise that the people who’ll thrive in The New Wave will take passionate learning to the next level.

They’ll read, they’ll attend events, they’ll research, they’ll learn, they’ll discover, they’ll push themselves to develop personally ... to EVOLVE their thinking exponentially.

They’ll stay up to speed with relevant technology.

And they’ll quickly outgrow the “what’s in it for me” paradigm, and chase what’s best for the “greater good” ... they’ll never stop learning and growing.


The good news is…

You can now kickstart your learning into a new stratosphere, and gain lifetimes of business wisdom in just 2 hours a month of learning from masters.

The "ACCESS TO MASTERS" online program is an extension of the Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs (BSE) where you learn the WINNING FORMULAS and MONEY-MAKING SECRETS of the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs.

Here is a quick timeline of BSE:

  • In the 1970’s the co-creators of the work pioneered a new paradigm for business. They used it to grow their real estate company from a US$25,000 investment to US$60 million in just three years (US$348 million in today’s terms) … they then formed the first ever Business School® for Entrepreneurs so they could teach their principles to other elite entrepreneurs. (This later evolved into Global Excellerated Business School™ for Entrepreneurs.)
  • Between 1979 and 1983, Ben Cohen (Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream), Paul Mitchell (Hair Products), Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, all attended our signature program before launching their empires.
  • Dominique Lyone, CEO and owner of Complete Office Supplies, attended BSE in 1989. He learned the principles and tools well and applied them to his organization.  He eventually became an Instructor for the various Excellerated programs. His life and business grew exponentially for the better and now COS the largest independently owned office supplies business in Australia which brings in revenues of US$165 million a year.
  • Since then, more than 118,000 other entrepreneurs, professionals and world leaders have been through our signature program – many of whom became multi-millionaires – or like Morry Fraid of the Spotlight Stores fame in Australia, who became a billionaire.
  • Famous athletes like the late Jim Stynes of Melbourne, Australia (another graduate of Global Excellerated Business School™ for Entrepreneurs) created The Reach Foundation that has supported as many as 200,000 teens at risk annually.
  • Susan Barton of The Lighthouse Foundation not only attended all the programs, including the Global Excellerated Business School™ for Entrepreneurs, she was supported by our organization and the generous network of graduates to launch this remarkable organization that has helped countless of teens at risk.

The success stories go on and on...

And now the Global Excellerated Business School™ for Entrepreneurs will allow you to access some of our best teachers to prepare YOU to harness the power of The New Wave of Entrepreneurship - so you can build your legacy over the next 5 to 30 years, improve the planet and humanity – and – create enormous (maybe even mind boggling) wealth.

You’ll Learn From, Befriend (And Potentially Partner With) Masters, Experts, Multi-Millionaires & Billionaires Who Usually Hide Behind the “Velvet Rope”

In this program you’ll be welcomed into a network of people who usually remain completely out of reach of “mere mortals” like you and me.

Every single one of your instructors will be cream-of-the-crop of their fields of endeavor - some, entrepreneurs who have achieved the highest peaks of success in their respective fields.

Here are the outstanding Instructors, Special Guest Speakers, Mentors & Panelists that taught at our Phuket, Thailand 2018 Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs — and you will meet many of them online.

Dame Doria (DC) Cordova

Of course, I’ll be there … you already know a bit about myself …  I own Excellerated Business Schools® for Entrepreneurs® and Money & You®, a global organization that has over 118,000 graduates from over 85 countries, especially from Asia Pacific and the Americas. The programs are taught in English and Chinese  now expanding into Japanese, Bahasa, Spanish,Tamil, Hindi and other languages. Many of today’s wealth and business leaders have attended the Money & You program and transformed the way they teach and run their organizations.

Through these graduates, including my business partnership of 9 years in the 80’s and ’90’s with Robert T. Kiyosaki of Rich Dad/Poor Dad fame, my work has touched the lives of millions all over the world. The essence of my work is to not only focus on the bottom line and profits but also to offer products and services that add value to humanity.

Huang Ming

A genius, architect, engineer, an avid activist of the greening of world is a leading solar architect who built the only Solar Valley and Solar City in the world in Dezhou, China.  7 million people use solar energy to heat their water; all street lights are powered by nature. A “billionaire with heart” responsible for the passing of the first Green Law in China.

His company has 623 national patents - dozens internationally. He has developed 100’s of solar projects in and out of China. He has won the “Alternative Nobel Prize” the Right Livelihood Award. Has founded the International Micro-emission University  (IMU) - a walking national treasure.

Andrew Barron

Managing Director of The Timber Barron, a global timber exporting company, based in Auckland, New Zealand.  Most recently he has purchased a $25 million dollar business where he is again applying the principles he learned from attending the Money & You and BSE programs.

An inspiring international trainer and speaker, he has spoken at world-class events internationally, is also a Money & You and Creating Wealth Programs Instructor — will be co-leading this event — and will bring his unique and down-to-earth approach to support you to produce similar results!

They Types Of People You Will Meet At The Event:

And you won’t just network with these people...

You’ll be in the trenches together, side-by-side as you start real businesses and bond over late night suppers. (Many multi-million dollar partnerships and companies have been launched from conversations that took place at these “unofficial” evenings.)

Specifically each night, you will attend dinner with up to 8 other people, some of whom will be those experts, masters, millionaires and billionaires.

Imagine the relationships, the connections, the opportunities. (While this is not a “pitch fest” some of these people are coming to see who and what is out there, and if they like what they see, they are keen to play i.e. explore, support, develop -- and if it happens that they like your venture… who knows?)

Imagine having people like this work on YOUR business. Do you think the input of a Billionaire taking a look “under the hood” would make a difference to your future?

In my experience, the answer is a resounding “YES”.

And of course...

Here’s What (Just Some) Of Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs Graduates Have to Say…

If you’ve read any of our other material – or attended Money & You – you’ll know that BSE has an impressive track record.

Not only has it given rise to many household name entrepreneurs, but it’s also launched the careers of countless other game-changers.

“Before I attended Money & You® and BSE, I was scraping by with only $200 dollars a week. And within two years, I had achieved more financially than I had thought possible.

I became a millionaire within those two years, earning between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000 per month. And happily, here are my most recent and current business wins: I am now an owner and Managing Director of multiple business in the lumber industry in New Zealand resulting in a combined group turnover of $25 million. We are maintaining a 30% to 40% growth average per year for 7 years straight!

Recently we purchased two new businesses to vertically integrate our timber trading business. And from one 1 staff member 8 years ago to 40 staff today! I say this course is a must for anyone – whether they want to be a millionaire entrepreneur or just become financially comfortable.” - Andrew Barron, Managing Director .

“I returned from the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs with a clear two-year plan to get me out from behind the scenes and into my own talk show. I accomplished my two-year plan in two months.

Today, I not only have two of my own shows on Sydney’s leading radio stations, I returned home with more energy and excitement to form my own PR firm.”  Susan Yates, Radio Personality, Managing Director

“My whole life has been transformed by the journey I went through in BSE. Within 1 year, I was able to increase my company’s turnover from RM700,000/month (US$~163,000/month) to RM2 million/month (US$~466,690/month).

In the last 2 years, whatever I have put my mind to - I have achieved and that is a marvelous feeling! I have learned never to allow situations or circumstances to control my life.

If it seems that you are not in control in one or any area of your life or your business, then attending BSE could be the best decision that you can ever make!”  - Reza Ali, Management Consultant, Fortune 500 Company

“The BSE was like a ‘Top Gun’ flight school. It is truly only for a select type of elite business owners and seriously committed entrepreneurs.” Ko Hayashi - Managing Director

Excellerated programs changed my life and redirected my business career. I had signed up for the program expecting it to be about business and investment tips because I wanted to make more money.

What I found was a program made up of approximately 15 percent lecture, 60 percent games and 25 percent debriefing of the games. The program is more about discovering ourselves than it is about money, yet in the process I learned more about money than I ever dreamed possible.  - Robert T. Kiyosaki, founder of the Rich Dad Company

My first exposure to Money & You and the BSE was in 1991.  It has provided my wife, Cindy, and I the framework to grow several businesses; but more importantly, to understand the several principles which have been the core of our thinking about how we interact with each other, our family and friends, and business associates.

I have had the opportunity to learn from some great people who continue to influence my life on a daily basis.  Not only have several of these people been mentors to me and vice versa, I have been fortunate to have created life-long friendships.

I have gone from being a Real Estate Broker prior to BSE, to creating a real estate investment firm less than a year later.  That firm has now lasted over 25 years and continues to thrive, having done several thousand purchases totaling in the billions.  We have been on the Inc. 5000 list four years in a row, with average annual revenue growth of 56%, and now have 75 professionals assisting me in the real estate fund business.

If you are prepared to change the trajectory of your life, you should plan on attending the BSE.  If you are not prepared to make a dramatic shift in your life, stay home and watch TV! Bill Shopoff - President & CEO at Shopoff Realty Investments

“My company’s growth increased by 30% and profits went up 42% in the year following the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs.”  The late Robert Shannon,  Managing Director Shannon’s Car Insurance


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Here’s What You’ll Discover…

  • How to expand what's possible for you and your enterprise, to drive profits and growth (WITHOUT working harder).
    This program will have you work through a critical piece of our Intellectual Property called the Business Success Model – as such, you will look at EVERY element of your current business and discover how to leverage it exponentially for future growth, investment or sale and make a massive difference to your business as it stands today. You will do that, while considering what is coming in the next 5, 10, 30 years as technology and the world changes rapidly and we must meet the market, all under the incredible tutelage of the Instructors who have been there and done that and are masters in their fields. This truly is an incredible opportunity to make your business “future proof” and significantly increase the asset value AND returns the business provides you and your family.
  • How to find your calling in The New Wave of entrepreneurs.
    Should you chase a macro issue (like climate change)? Or a micro issue (like teenage mental health)? Should you start a new business? Or double down on your current one? You’ll leave this event with a clear path to maximum impact, maximum profit and a vision that will keep you buzzing for decades.
  • How to predict and leverage new technologies to solve the “unsolvable”.
    Many entrepreneurs will suffocate under the pressure of the impending technological avalanche. You’ll learn (from multi-millionaire success-stories) how to forecast future innovations with clairvoyant accuracy and use them to pull off modern miracles.
  • How to weed out and destroy the hidden “quirks” in your psychology that are currently holding you back.
    Once you address these sinister mindset flaws - you’ll reach heights that make everything you’ve achieved so far look like child’s play.
  • How to leverage the assets you already own … but have remained invisible to you for years.
    I’ve found that most entrepreneurs are completely blind to 80% of assets they own. (Once you see what’s really on your ‘invisible balance sheet’, you’ll instantly have mountains of unrealized profit, time and freedom at your fingertips.)
  • How to raise capital tips and little-known tools that can help any fund-raising efforts (both for-profit and non-profit organizations).
    Learn the secrets of some of the instructors that will be teaching at the event - and you'll have unlimited fuel to pour on your business fire.
  • How to attract, train and retain an A-Player team for rapid (and painless) growth.
    Your success is going to be more reliant on good people through this “Perfect Storm” than ever before. You’ll learn how to find the people who’ll treat your business as their own. (Freeing your time to expand your empire … travel … and spend more time with your loved ones.)
  • How to nurture “cold” relationships into lucrative alliances.
    You can forget awkward “networking” and “schmoozing”, from now on you’ll approach every interaction with grace, authenticity and dignity … and win more respect and deals than you’ll know what to do with.
  • How to buy and sell businesses so you could profit before you pay a cent.
    With this method you can take advantage of opportunities fast, without the growing pains of a startup ... Perfect for the hyper-speed of The New Wave.
  • And much more...

Here’s How The Program Works:

At the beginning of every month you will get access to a video training by our "Master of the Month". This training is 45 minutes to 1.5 hours long and is often the exact same training that the participants at the 2018 business school received. Some of the instructors furnish PDFs or links that bring you deeper into the material. We know that your business needs all of your attention, so we promise to give you relevant, actionable information, no fluff. The training will be available as video, but also as audio so that you can repeat it during the commute. You can download the materials and keep them for lifetime access.

Then we invite you to imagine that you are sitting down with this master and ask the questions that are burning in your mind. You have 14 days to send us your 1-3 questions. In the 3rd week of the month, Dame Doria Cordova will personally ask these questions to the "Master of the Month" in a webinar. The webinar will be recorded and you can watch it anytime.

This is an ongoing monthly program and you are free to cancel anytime.

What’s Included:

  • Monthly video training by the Master of the Month
  • Audio version of the training
  • Additional materials like PDFs and links
  • Access to private Facebook networking page with Instructors / Guest Speakers / and other Participants attending
  • Opportunity to ask your questions
  • Webinar with Dame Doria Cordova and the Master of the Month
  • Download access for all videos, audios and PDFs

This is an ongoing monthly program. Join now to not miss a single Master. You can cancel anytime and keep all the downloads.

Payment Options:

The normal cost to participate in this program is $297 per month. However, for the first month the price will be reduced to:


As long as you stay in the program you will continue to be grandfathered in at this special rate. You can also prepay for a year at this special rate:


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