You Are Invited to Apply For The Most Successful Entrepreneurial Program in History - Where You’ll Learn The Proven “Generalized Wealth Principles”, Build Your Own Billion Dollar Network and Prepare to Thrive in “The Golden Age of Entrepreneurship” ...  
All in just 8 Days!

INTRODUCING: The Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs (BSE)

The Same Experiential Educational Program that Launched the Career of  Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad / Poor Dad) – and have had Graduates like  Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Ben Cohen (Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream), Paul Mitchell (Hair Products), and Countless other Multi-millionaires and Billionaires ... will Now Prepare You to Profit in The New Wave!

November 10 – 17, 2018, Thailand

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The Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs (BSE) is an intensive, fully residential 8-day program where you learn the WINNING FORMULAS and MONEY-MAKING SECRETS of the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs.

The easiest way to explain it’s power and what it will do for you is with this quick timeline:

  • In the 1970’s the co-creators of the work pioneered a new paradigm for business. They used it to grow their real estate company from a US$25,000 investment to US$60 million in just three years (US$348 million in today’s terms) … they then formed the first ever Business School® for Entrepreneurs so they could teach their principles to other elite entrepreneurs. (This later evolved into Global Excellerated Business School™ for Entrepreneurs.)
  • Between 1979 and 1983, Ben Cohen (Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream), Paul Mitchell (Hair Products), Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, all attended our signature program before launching their empires.
  • Dominique Lyone, CEO and owner of Complete Office Supplies, attended BSE in 1989. He learned the principles and tools well and applied them to his organization.  He eventually became an Instructor for the various Excellerated programs. His life and business grew exponentially for the better and now COS the largest independently owned office supplies business in Australia which brings in revenues of US$130 million a year.
  • Since then, more than 105,000 other entrepreneurs, professionals and world leaders have been through our signature program - many of whom became multi-millionaires - or like Morry Fraid of the Spotlight Stores fame in Australia, who became a billionaire.
  • Famous athletes like the late Jim Stynes of Melbourne, Australia (another graduate of Global Excellerated Business School™ for Entrepreneurs) created The Reach Foundation that has supported as many as 200,000 teens at risk annually.
  • Susan Barton of The Lighthouse Foundation not only attended all the programs, including Global Excellerated Business School™ for Entrepreneurs, she was supported by our organization and the generous network of graduates to launch this remarkable organization that has helped countless of teens at risk.

The success stories go on and on...

And now - in 2017 - Global Excellerated Business School™ for Entrepreneurs will prepare YOU to harness the power of The New Wave of Entrepreneurship - so you can build your legacy over the next 5 to 30 years, improve the planet and humanity - and - create enormous (maybe even mind boggling) wealth. 
 How? Well, first up…

You’ll Learn What’s Coming in The New Wave … And How To Use The Hyper-Accelerated Change to Your Advantage

I’m not talking about the rehashing “news” you can find anywhere on the internet.

During the 8 days, we’ll have several “breakout” sessions where you’ll learn exactly what’s happening “behind closed doors” in the tech, renewables and social enterprise scenes.

And you’ll learn it directly from business pioneers who are already making huge waves (and huge profits) in these areas.

You’ll discover how to forecast relevant new technologies with laser-precision, and how they can be applied to achieve your vision sooner and on a much larger scale. (If you don’t have a big vision yet - don’t worry - we’ll help with that too)

When you leave Global Excellerated Business School™ for Entrepreneurs you’ll be poised and waiting to leverage brand new innovations to make a massive impact years before your competitors even know they exist. (If you’ve ever marvelled at a new “unicorn” company and thought “how the heck did they come up with that?” that’s what people will soon be asking about you.)

Having said that … there’s something you’ll learn that’s even more fundamental to your success.

You’ll Learn From, Befriend (And Potentially Partner With) Masters, Experts, Multi-Millionaires & Billionaires Who Usually Hide Behind the “Velvet Rope”

During this experience you’ll be welcomed into a network of people who usually remain completely out of reach of “mere mortals” like you and me.

Every single one of your instructors will be cream-of-the-crop of their fields of endeavor - some, entrepreneurs who have achieved the highest peaks of success in their respective fields.

You’ll also rub shoulders, dine and play with multi-millionaire alumni who’ve come back to refresh themselves on the material that’s already changed their lives. (I also know for a fact that our billionaire business partner, Huang Ming (politician, solar energy researcher, innovator, and entrepreneur), the creator of the only Solar Valley and Solar City in the world, will be hanging out side-by-side with you … at the pool, at dinner, during breaks - your newly-found friends may just blow your mind!)

Here’s a taste of the type of people you’ll encounter:

Your Instructors

Dame DC Cordova

Of course, I’ll be there … you already know a bit about myself …  I own Excellerated Business Schools® for Entrepreneurs and Money & You®, a global organization that has over 105,000 graduates from over 80 countries, especially from Asia Pacific and the Americas. The programs are taught in English and Chinese - now expanding into Bahasa, Spanish, Japanese, Tamil, Hindi and other languages. Many of today’s wealth and business leaders have attended the Money & You program and transformed the way they teach and run their organizations.

Through these graduates, including my business partnership of 9 years in the 80’s and ’90’s with Robert T. Kiyosaki of Rich Dad/Poor Dad fame, my work has touched the lives of millions all over the world. The essence of my work is to not only focus on the bottom line and profits but also to offer products and services that add value to humanity.

Huang Ming

A genius, architect, engineer, an avid activist of the greening of world is a leading solar architect who built the only Solar Valley and Solar City in the world in Dezhou, China.  7 million people use solar energy to heat their water; all street lights are powered by nature. A “billionaire with heart” responsible for the passing of the first Green Law in China. His company has 623 national patents - dozens internationally. He has developed 100’s of solar projects in and out of China. He has won the “Alternative Nobel Prize” the Right Livelihood Award. Has founded the International Micro-emission University  (IMU) - a walking national treasure.

Dr. Willson Lin

A genius, innovator, a multi-millionaire whose fortune expands from owning Doers Group - one of Asia’s largest entrepreneurial training companies which is in process of being taken public in the United States - to owing 35 companies. He is an investor in 130 companies; an avid real estate investor, and a best-selling author of dozens of books and audio programs. He has the Chinese license to all Excellerated programs and has put the Chinese Excellerated Business Schools and Money & You program on the global map.

Dr. Serge Gravelle

Leader in over 25 companies, including OMZIG, creators of some of the original codes of Microsoft Windows; MyMall Network, first shopping network on the Internet with over 2,000 stores and millions of monthly visitors; RevShare, for many years the world’s largest direct-response television advertising agency. Author of 18 books, former Olympic athlete, 4-time National champion. Dr. Gravelle has come out of retirement 4 times, most recently to create the Foundation for Equestrian Athletes, a leading 501(c)(3) Public Charity transforming the way non-profit entities become financially self-sufficient by providing them with systems and strategies normally reserved for large corporations and public companies.

Dr. Jeff Alexander

A CEO, a social entrepreneur, he built a children’s dentistry practice that grew from 11 employees in 1 office to 7 offices with over 60 employees, with revenues of US$5. million in 3 years.  His company ranked in the top 500 grossing health care clinics in the country.  Today, he has served over 500,000 underprivileged children with dental care. His commitment was to create a business model that demonstrated financial success by utilizing compassionate and modern business principles that would benefit the company, the community and the world - this he learned at BSE. He co-created the Excellerated Instructors’ Training program for the Money & You program. Today he is also the founder and trainer of IGNITE PROGRAMS which offers transformational education for business people, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Skype Guest Speakers

Dame DC Cordova is bringing additional leaders, entrepreneurs and extraordinary individuals who are the best in the fields of New Technologies, Renewables and Contribution.  Some of these notable individuals will be in Bonn, Germany for the UN Climate Change Conference and will be joining the event through Skype technology.  

They are personal friends of Dame DC Cordova, thus, you will access to them through the Global Excellerated Business School™ network.

November 10 – 17, 2018, Thailand

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They Types Of People You Will Meet At The Event:

And you won’t just network with these people...

You’ll be in the trenches together, side-by-side as you start real businesses and bond over late night suppers. (Many multi-million dollar partnerships and companies have been launched from conversations that took place at these “unofficial” evenings.)

Specifically each night, you will attend dinner with up to 8 other people, some of whom will be those experts, masters, millionaires and billionaires.

Imagine the relationships, the connections, the opportunities. (While this is not a “pitch fest” some of these people are coming to see who and what is out there, and if they like what they see, they are keen to play i.e. explore, support, develop -- and if it happens that they like your venture… who knows?)

Imagine having people like this work on YOUR business. Do you think the input of a Billionaire taking a look “under the hood” would make a difference to your future?

In my experience, the answer is a resounding “YES”.

And of course...

Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs Doesn’t Just Teach You How to Succeed - It Ingrains Proven Success Principles in Your Psyche Through “Excellerated” Learning (Proven and Refined  For 38 Years)

You’ll Learn More About Yourself & The New Wave of Business in 8 Days - Than Most Business Owners Learn in a Lifetime (In Ways You Can See, Feel and Experience)

You won’t just learn these proven wealth principles on an intellectual level ...

The layout of this program includes real-live experiential games that are carefully designed to breakthrough your intellectual defenses and show you the power of these irrefutable laws in ways you can see, feel, taste and smell.

  • You’ll start real businesses
  • You’ll trade real money
  • And you’ll apply every concept in the real world the moment it’s “taught”.

Once you learn and reinforce these “wealth laws” in this way, it’s impossible to “unlearn” them. And you’ll gain insights into your own inner working that change how you view reality.

You’ll literally have a lifetime of wealth-knowledge hard-coded into your psyche, and will walk away with the unconscious competence to build successful businesses, improve the world and amass huge wealth through any market.

But don’t take my word for it …

Here’s What (Just Some) Of Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs Graduates Have to Say…

If you’ve read any of our other material – or attended Money & You – you’ll know that BSE has an impressive track record.

Not only has it given rise to many household name entrepreneurs, but it’s also launched the careers of countless other game-changers.

“Before I attended Money & You® and BSE, I was scraping by with only $200 dollars a week. And within two years, I had achieved more financially than I had thought possible.

I became a millionaire within those two years, earning between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000 per month. And happily, here are my most recent and current business wins: I am now an owner and Managing Director of multiple business in the lumber industry in New Zealand resulting in a combined group turnover of $25 million. We are maintaining a 30% to 40% growth average per year for 7 years straight!

Recently we purchased two new businesses to vertically integrate our timber trading business. And from one 1 staff member 8 years ago to 40 staff today! I say this course is a must for anyone – whether they want to be a millionaire entrepreneur or just become financially comfortable.” - Andrew Barron, Managing Director .

“I returned from the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs with a clear two-year plan to get me out from behind the scenes and into my own talk show. I accomplished my two-year plan in two months.

Today, I not only have two of my own shows on Sydney’s leading radio stations, I returned home with more energy and excitement to form my own PR firm.”  Susan Yates, Radio Personality, Managing Director

“My whole life has been transformed by the journey I went through in BSE. Within 1 year, I was able to increase my company’s turnover from RM700,000/month (US$~163,000/month) to RM2 million/month (US$~466,690/month).

In the last 2 years, whatever I have put my mind to - I have achieved and that is a marvelous feeling! I have learned never to allow situations or circumstances to control my life.

If it seems that you are not in control in one or any area of your life or your business, then attending BSE could be the best decision that you can ever make!”  - Reza Ali, Management Consultant, Fortune 500 Company

“The BSE was like a ‘Top Gun’ flight school. It is truly only for a select type of elite business owners and seriously committed entrepreneurs.” Ko Hayashi - Managing Director

Excellerated programs changed my life and redirected my business career. I had signed up for the program expecting it to be about business and investment tips because I wanted to make more money.

What I found was a program made up of approximately 15 percent lecture, 60 percent games and 25 percent debriefing of the games. The program is more about discovering ourselves than it is about money, yet in the process I learned more about money than I ever dreamed possible.  - Robert T. Kiyosaki, founder of the Rich Dad Company

My first exposure to Money & You and the BSE was in 1991.  It has provided my wife, Cindy, and I the framework to grow several businesses; but more importantly, to understand the several principles which have been the core of our thinking about how we interact with each other, our family and friends, and business associates.

I have had the opportunity to learn from some great people who continue to influence my life on a daily basis.  Not only have several of these people been mentors to me and vice versa, I have been fortunate to have created life-long friendships.

I have gone from being a Real Estate Broker prior to BSE, to creating a real estate investment firm less than a year later.  That firm has now lasted over 25 years and continues to thrive, having done several thousand purchases totaling in the billions.  We have been on the Inc. 5000 list four years in a row, with average annual revenue growth of 56%, and now have 75 professionals assisting me in the real estate fund business.

If you are prepared to change the trajectory of your life, you should plan on attending the BSE.  If you are not prepared to make a dramatic shift in your life, stay home and watch TV! Bill Shopoff - President & CEO at Shopoff Realty Investments

“My company’s growth increased by 30% and profits went up 42% in the year following the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs.”  The late Robert Shannon,  Managing Director Shannon’s Car Insurance

November 11 - 18, 2017, Cancun, Mexico.

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Don’t Believe You Can Play at This Level?

That’s Because There’s a “Kink” in Human Psychology Holding You Back

If you’re thinking “that’s all great, but I can’t play at a world-changing level. I’m just a little ol’ biz owner”...

Two things:

1) You’re wrong...


2) There’s a psychological explanation for why you’ve been stuck at your current level of success.

It’s all to do with the relationship between the human memory and the “compound effect” of time.

Let me explain…

Everyday, you take action on your business: You make sales calls, you hire a new team member, you negotiate with a new supplier.

And everyday, you get results: You close a deal, you lose a client, you reach your target.

The problem is, the actions you take today do not usually cause the results you experience today. There’s a time lag.

Here’s the kicker…

The human brain is notoriously bad at remembering what happened in the past. (Can you remember what you had for breakfast on the 2nd of last month? Me either!)

By the time your results come in - positive or negative - you can’t remember the exact actions or tactics that caused them.

Did you reach target because of the new member of staff? Or because of your improved sales process? Or some other factor you can’t remember?

You just don’t know.

Why is this such a problem?

Because - like computing technology, like renewables, like the number of billionaires in the world - if you want to reach your true potential, and play at the highest level possible, your personal development needs to grow at an exponential rate.

You need to build on each micro-success to create even bigger and even faster progressions tomorrow … and next month … and five years from now.

If you rely on tactics and memory, you end up randomly zig zagging your way through life like a rat in a maze.

You can easily make the same mistakes multiple times, kill things that are working and basically keep yourself stuck, while others race ahead.

You’ll still improve.

Just not at the speed you’re truly capable of. And not at the speed that will bring you success during the “Perfect Storm”.

That’s why fundamental “wealth principles” are so powerful.

Once you infuse them in everything you do - and more importantly into WHO you are as a business owner, entrepreneur and human being - you won’t need to rely on memory or tactics.

You’ll know how to behave in every situation, so you’re always stacking success upon success. You’ll automatically grow your business and your ability exponentially. And you’ll automatically reach your full potential.

Fortunately, learning these proven principles is quite easy…

Here’s What You’ll Discover…

  • How to expand what's possible for you and your enterprise, to drive profits and growth (WITHOUT working harder).
    This program will have you work through a critical piece of our Intellectual Property called the Business Success Model – as such, you will look at EVERY element of your current business and discover how to leverage it exponentially for future growth, investment or sale and make a massive difference to your business as it stands today. You will do that, while considering what is coming in the next 5, 10, 30 years as technology and the world changes rapidly and we must meet the market, all under the incredible tutelage of the Instructors who have been there and done that and are masters in their fields. This truly is an incredible opportunity to make your business “future proof” and significantly increase the asset value AND returns the business provides you and your family.
  • How to find your calling in The New Wave of entrepreneurs.
    Should you chase a macro issue (like climate change)? Or a micro issue (like teenage mental health)? Should you start a new business? Or double down on your current one? You’ll leave this event with a clear path to maximum impact, maximum profit and a vision that will keep you buzzing for decades.
  • How to predict and leverage new technologies to solve the “unsolvable”.
    Many entrepreneurs will suffocate under the pressure of the impending technological avalanche. You’ll learn (from multi-millionaire success-stories) how to forecast future innovations with clairvoyant accuracy and use them to pull off modern miracles.
  • How to weed out and destroy the hidden “quirks” in your psychology that are currently holding you back.
    Once you address these sinister mindset flaws - you’ll reach heights that make everything you’ve achieved so far look like child’s play.
  • How to leverage the assets you already own … but have remained invisible to you for years.
    I’ve found that most entrepreneurs are completely blind to 80% of assets they own. (Once you see what’s really on your ‘invisible balance sheet’, you’ll instantly have mountains of unrealized profit, time and freedom at your fingertips.)
  • How to raise capital tips and little-known tools that can help any fund-raising efforts (both for-profit and non-profit organizations).
    Learn the secrets of some of the instructors that will be teaching at the event - and you'll have unlimited fuel to pour on your business fire.
  • How to attract, train and retain an A-Player team for rapid (and painless) growth.
    Your success is going to be more reliant on good people through this “Perfect Storm” than ever before. You’ll learn how to find the people who’ll treat your business as their own. (Freeing your time to expand your empire … travel … and spend more time with your loved ones.)
  • How to nurture “cold” relationships into lucrative alliances.
    You can forget awkward “networking” and “schmoozing”, from now on you’ll approach every interaction with grace, authenticity and dignity … and win more respect and deals than you’ll know what to do with.
  • How to buy and sell businesses so you could profit before you pay a cent.
    With this method you can take advantage of opportunities fast, without the growing pains of a startup ... Perfect for the hyper-speed of The New Wave.
  • And much more...

Where Did These Proven Wealth Principles Come From?

It all dates back to the 1970’s...

The founders of the Burklyn Business School (the predecessor school to Global Excellerated Business School™ for Entrepreneurs which I attended and learned the principles so well, I ended up owning the business) first tested these principles while building their wildly successful real estate business, called Hawthorne Stone.

They were fascinated by the results of implementing successful business practices and personal development tools - so this led them to conducting extensive research into what makes some people financially, mentally, emotionally and physically more successful than others.

The result?

  • The company went from a $25,000 investment that grew to $60 Million in revenues in just 3 years (that’s $384 million in today’s dollars!)
  • The average salesperson at Hawthorne Stone made US $206,000 per year and the best made US $987,000 (The equivalent of US $958,285 and US $4.6 million today!)
  • They created a feeding frenzy in the employment market, with 100’s that wanted to work in the organization - just to get a chance to learn what they knew.  This showed them that there was a niche in entrepreneurial education… and the Business School for born!

Nearly the 40 years since then, the principles and business tools - and how they are taught -  have been refined even further.

Now, in the right environment, they can be taught in just days and have consistently proven to take business owners to unfathomable heights. (Hence the 105,000 graduates - many with outrageous success stories!)

But this is only the beginning…

Think about it: Between the 1970’s and now - during a period of modest global transformation -  these principles have been powerful enough to create thousands of multi-millionaires.

Imagine the impact they’ll have when The New Wave reaches full force.

Infinitely More Powerful Than a Traditional Business School … One Hundred Times The Fun … And for Only a Fraction of The Cost

It’s important you understand: This is not your standard “business school”.

You won’t be required to attend 3 years of classes, you won’t learn “theories” that will make you a good employee, and you won’t be charged the $80,000 - $140,000 in tuition, books and other expenses.

Instead, you’ll achieve a complete business (and personal) transformation, build a lifelong network of multi-millionaires, change-makers (you’ll be considered “one of the tribe”), and prepare yourself to make massive impact and huge wealth through The New Wave of entrepreneurship - all in just 8 days, all while having a heap of fun in paradise ... and all for a fraction of the price of a traditional business school intensive.

 So how much is it?

Well, there’s a bit of a catch...

HERE’S THE CATCH: You Can’t Just Buy Your Way Into This Program

Unlike other programs, events, seminars and workshops, tickets to Global Excellerated Business School™ for Entrepreneurs are not really  “for sale”.

It’s an application-only event with some strict (yet reasonable) eligibility requirements.

The reason for this is two-fold:

  • We want to keep the quality of the participants high. We’re looking to assemble an elite group of business owners, entrepreneurs and aspiring wealth creators so we can take you on a learning experience like no other. (If you haven’t got a business yet – and you’re looking to break the shackles of 9 to 5 employment - that’s ok too. As long as you’re ready to confront discomfort and play a much bigger game.)


  • Spaces are limited: Due to the high demand for this program, and the limited spots available, we need to be quite selective with whom we let in.

With that said, here are our criteria:

  • You must already be successful.  This is not a program for first-timers or newbies. We will only accept people who’ve already started their own business, created a successful career or achieved some level of success in their area of expertise.
  • You must be looking for a big financial breakthrough, huge business growth, more meaning, more free time or more balance in your life. (If you’re just looking for a few days of entertainment - please do not apply.)
  • You must be open to learning about yourself on a eerily-deep level. If the idea of soul-searching leaves you cold, this is not for you.
  • You must be willing to get real and - at times - vulnerable in group settings. This is no place for egos.
  • You must have a genuine aim to contribute to the world in meaningful ways. This is not a “get-rich-and-lie-on-the-beach-sipping-Martinis-for-30-years” type program. We’re not against building lives of freedom and enjoying luxuries, but if that’s your only aim - this is not for you.

If that sounds like you and you want to step up and play a bigger game in The New Wave of Entrepreneurship, grow your current business, expand your network to include more multi-millionaires and Billionaires from around the world and see what the future of business looks like, please submit your application now.

Here’s How To Apply

Getting started is easy and will only take 5-minutes …

Just enter your basic details on the form below (nothing obtrusive - just name, email, phone), and tell us a bit about why you think you this experience will transform your business and financial life.

We will review your application, and we'll be in touch to set a time for a private and confidential consultation to talk you through the ins and outs of the program and whether it's the perfect fit for you and what you are about to accomplish.

From there, you can make a call about whether you want to go ahead.

What’s Included:

  • Full 7 Days Intensive Transformational, Experiential, Entrepreneurial Training
  • 1 Day Post-Business School Trade Show to showcase your own products and services - Networking Day
  • 10 nights resort room (Twin Share - with another participant), all meals, refreshments, beverages; and round-trip transportation to and from this exclusive resort that has 13 restaurants, buffets and refreshment areas. For an extra fee, you are welcome to have a single-occupancy room. Oceanfront rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Network with world renowned entrepreneurs / experts / innovators through out the event and after
  • Access to private Facebook networking page with Instructors / Guest Speakers / Graduates of BSE and other Participants attending
  • Entrepreneurial Blueprint, Money-Making Systems Manual and other proven business tools
  • Comprehensive Workbook and other classroom materials
  • Lifetime Membership to review in the back of the room any Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs (BSE) (in any language) for FREE TUITION (hotel / meal / supplies / activities’ costs may apply) and access to all new participants, Instructors / guest speakers, logistics staff and VIP’s who always visit our programs.

Once you are accepted, you will be officially registered and will receive a preliminary acknowledgement; eventually you will receive a Pre-Attendance pack with many details about the program, venue and everything you need to know.

November 10 – 17, 2018, Thailand

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