Are there people who should not attend the Program?


  1.  People who don’t like change – or choose not to confront what is not working in their lives or businesses as well as they would like it to – will not enjoy Business School because this is what the program is all about… confronting what is not working in your business or personal life and solving those challenges while exploring incredible opportunities that are available to us as entrepreneurs.
  2. People who prefer keeping things within the status quo wouldn’t like it either.
  3. People who would rather just observe and not participate in interactive team exercises. The Business School experience requires active participation – the more you participate, the more value you will get from event.
  4. If you find yourself judgmental of others who seem idealistic, who want to make a difference on the planet, you’d not enjoy the GBSE environment.
  5. People who want to be the only one to prosper in business dealings and constantly compete with others – ie who want to become successful at any cost – would not like this environment where collaboration is constantly encouraged!
  6. If you’re someone that doesn’t want to research, discover and explore new technologies, renewables and how to create a world that works for 100% of humanity, would most likely not benefit greatly from the event.
  7. If you’re someone who doesn’t wish to participate in the connected growing global economy that is today’s reality, you would not benefit from the amazing opportunities that will be available for all the participants.
  8. If a person isn’t someone who strives to be fulfilled – to have a business that is constantly improving, they definitely would not benefit from BSE.
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