Why don’t you provide an hour-by-hour agenda of the school curriculum – even to those who have enrolled for the program?

The “Excellerated Technology” is designed so that your mind doesn’t have pre-conceived ideas on what to expect hour by hour. A schedule of the day will be provided but not with the classes nor the names of the instructors.

The program is centered around two major exercises: a Trade Show where you and a group of your peers would have created a new business that will have all the elements that you are learning through the week; and an exercise team which will entail swimming and running.

Not to worry, we have instructors that will teach you the components necessary to be a winner. Just recently we had a 72 year gentleman be part of the winning exercise team whose life changed from experiencing such win.

Both experiences are designed to learn by trial-and-error: leadership, communication, innovation, breaking through limitations, how to build teams and more!

Another reward is a cash prize for each team from contributions from each participant. You’ll have an opportunity to win a percentage of your tuition – or even more.

“Excellerated Learning” has beautiful nuances that creates life-long learning!