What could help me decide whether or not to attend?

Decisiveness is one characteristic shared by most successful people. Rupert Murdoch, was said to have made a decision to commit over $1 billion dollars of News Corporation’s money to a project – all within 30 minutes!

The English BSE is a rare opportunity because it is usually taught in one area of the world only, so that promotes global entrepreneurship since many travel the world to attend. Consider the lost opportunity if everything we have shared were true and you didn’t take it! If you still have considerations, we can discuss it further with you. All you have to do make an appointment with one of our staff that can help you decide if this work is for you.

It’s very important to us to have a committed group of people that is clear on their purpose for traveling the world to spend this week together.

If the program cannot support the advancement of your growth – or your purpose is not in alignment with the school’s, then we won’t waste your time.

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