How will this event benefit me financially?

Obviously, if you apply all that you will learn – in your business and personal life – you will make many times your investment in the program as many have before you. Consider some of the testimonials from past graduates – the names read like a who’s who of the business world from the US, to Australia to China and beyond – and ask yourself how wealthy do you wish to be?

DC – I’m not sure we need all of this on Robert. I would read this and say ’17 years, I don’t have 17 years!’ … Plus I think it makes sense as you were there, not sure it’s making the point you want it to make here. Deleting a couple of points makes this more succinct and effective. No worries. I’ll go with your recommendations.

For example, Robert Kiyosaki from the Rich Dad / Poor Dad fame used to lead this event; when he chose to go into the niche of investments, taking just one strategy from the Business School for Entrepreneurs, he went on to find a “master” that would most rapidly show him the ropes… that was Sharon Lechter. She was so impressed with the network – and the essence of the book, based on the Excellerated Program teachings – she proceeded to make him a household name.  Robert and his wife Kim learned many of the principles that they utilized to built their wealth at our Business School for Entrepreneurs. This could be true for you too!

In addition for some, this program gives you the chance to learn tools that will repair or build better relationships and, of course, this may not be immediately measurable in dollars short term, however, long term the effects can be in the millions.

So ask yourself… how much are you willing to invest for better business and personal relationships, fulfillment, peace of mind, making a difference in the world – creating a legacy – all while discovering new ways to grow your business?

This organization’s definition of wealth is to: have ACCESS to cash, resources, networks, investments, experts, support – a global network. 

The Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs provides all of those opportunities, as such, the only thing that can stop you from the access to drastically increased financial results and connections available to you is by you NOT attending the event.

Plus, this particular event includes an exclusive trade show where you get to showcase your own enterprise, product or services to your classmates and returning Alumni. You will not only be able to continue or complete any conversations that were started through the week – you will be able to display your work, get feedback and do business. The environment encourages authentic feedback so that you can feel comfortable with continuous improvement of your product(s)/services. You will discover and get comfortable knowing that constant feedback, tweaking, and improving your offerings keeps you ahead of the game – this is one of the biggest benefits that our graduates experience.

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