I am a small business owner… I don’t know if I want to have a global business…

You don’t have to want to create a global business to attend. You just have to want to grow and improve yourself and your business as a whole.

For some people moving from local, to regional, to state, to country, to the globe (and these days it’s not always a linear process like this) IS a driving force. For others, we know that’s not the case as much, and that’s fine too.

Just one thought to consider … If reading through the information shared in the Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs website or someone recommended that you look into this event – and in some way it piqued your interest, it may be that there’s a part of you that IS yearning to see what the opportunities may be available for you to expand your business… to get your work out there more – even beyond your current thinking.

It may be that you want to travel the world and see what opportunities are available for you – maybe you want to go to exotic, far away lands – and have a profitable business while you are doing that…

Or, you have a yearning to do more – to make the world better – to leave a legacy – your heart is yearning for something more, then follow the clues! Regardless, we are pretty certain that GBSE is for you!

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