I have attended a lot of seminars before, so what makes this program different?

The biggest difference you will find in BSE is that this work comes from a real business where they combined personal development tools with proven business practices. This was an experiment that worked – and eventually the lessons learned were put into a stimulating environment that is fun and exciting to learn in. In addition to your own personal growth pressing beyond your limits and mind set, you will be learning awesome business distinctions from all those around you. Your classmates will become your teachers – as you will be to them.

And with all of that said, you will be more than educated and entertained… you will be totally engaged and absorbed in the process of learning and discovery.

Each lesson, principle and experience shared by the awesome instructors and guest speakers builds on the one before and unfolds like a beautiful flower or piece of art. It has taken us decades for the “teaching formula” to evolve to the level that it’s now and you will benefit great from the commitment of so many magnificent human beings that have brought this work to what it’s today.

The fact is that its original creator, is a genius – in every sense of the word. He masterminded the original exercises, and has a pattern of thinking on how to create games, create a powerful curriculum that was inherited by others including DC Cordova. She and partners like Robert Kiyosaki, Dr. Willson Lin and other BSE leading instructors like Dominique Lyone, an extraordinary entrepreneur that owns one of Australia’s leading office supply business – took the work to whole other levels from where the original co-creators left off.

Through the decades they have developed the work by bringing in more distinctions, awesome masters and systems into the program so that they continually create unsurpassed results.

DC Cordova, who inherited the work in 1985, learned extensively from the co-creator of the work, Bobbi DePorter and other masters, how to build organizations and work with teams globally.

Very few people have ever disliked the Excellerated Business School. Even professionals in the training/education field have applauded the brilliance, simplicity, power and effectiveness of its design.

Even if you have done many other seminars, there is always another level of performance to surpass. If anything, it will validate where you are today and show you which of your choices and decisions have worked and which have gotten you to where you currently are. From there, you can make new choices, as awareness is everything.

We will also be supporting the promotion of your work through the ever-present “Networking Table” which is available to you from Day One and after you graduate in any BSE any where in the world, in any language. You have a lifetime membership! This feature alone has lead our graduates to meeting extraordinary masters / professionals / global entrepreneurs that have vast fortunes and networks. They have formed strategic alliances, collaborated, shared information – much of which has made a great difference in the quality of their lives, organizations and communities.

The access to wealth is phenomenal!

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