I’m the best at what I do, I have all the money I want, and my relationships are great. So why should I attend?

Are you saying that there isn’t one area of your life that you couldn’t improve? That you couldn’t grow more? Expand your work even more? Create a greater legacy? Make the world better? Solve a problem that may affect millions?

Do you really have total harmony in your relationships? Do your management teams and employees carry out all your requests exactly and perform at optimum levels without conflict? Do you think you can’t discover anything new about your industry – or get interested in a new one?

We have had some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, Olympic athletes, best-selling authors and motivators attend our Excellerated programs just so they can take their personal and business performance to another level. Many of them, after being so impressed at their own growth, they return and bring their other staff members, family and friends to the Money & You program to introduce them to work – and they hope that they will be inspired to attend a BSE in the future.

We have found that no matter how well you are doing, there is always room for expansion and improvement.