I’m an employee, how can this program help me?

We find that employees who attend BSE are more valuable to their companies and therefore soon earn a higher salary because of their confidence and ability to “sell themselves” more effectively – and the greater contribution that they make to their companies. Some have been made partners faster than if they had not attended.

You will also learn the fundamental skill required to be a successful entrepreneur, and if you so desire, you could start your own business – within or outside of your company. From the 1980’s companies have valued  “Intrapreneurship” – who help them run the business with their own divisions that are run like individual businesses. Others actually “invest” in their employees who want to run a part time business outside of company hours.

And, even more importantly, some people who think they might like to run their own business find, after doing BSE that entrepreneurship is not for them. What better thing to find out before investing their own time, money or energy in a business of their own!

On the other hand, other employees finally get the courage to “fly the nest” and step out on their own to start their own business. If you are in that category, you will get a head start and be able to cut years of your learning and business growth curve.

Because BSE is about adding value, you will become clearer on your purpose and the purpose of your business. This could give you the freedom and the confidence you have been seeking.

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