Is this program related to any religious organization?

Business School is a completely non-denominational and non-religious program. The instructors, partners and our various associates and promoters who license the programs from our organization, as well as each of the participants, all come from very different religious/spiritual backgrounds. There is respect and regard for different beliefs and disciplines, and none are imposed in the program.

During BSE it is acknowledged that there is a higher power at work. Business School does raise the level of social consciousness of many of our participants – particularly for people whose main focus in life before was primarily money – some extremely greedy.

In the same way, it has also given some very spiritual or religious individuals who harbored negative judgments about business, money, prosperity and wealth, a new understanding of these subjects. They see how it can make it easier to make a significant contribution to their communities and how to raise their family’s standard of living through expanded business opportunities.

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