This is the busy season, I can’t possibly leave now…

You just stated the very reason why you should attend… Notice that you have just told yourself that you do not have the systems in place necessary for you to have a business that works without you.

At BSE you are going to learn about different business models that have worked beautifully for many… DC Cordova will be sharing about her licensing model that has allowed her to receive royalties for decades and her work keeps growing organically – through systems that are duplicate-able and self-correcting.

By taking this very important week out, you will have a full and clear view of the business processes in action and come away with that most valuable benefit… insight as to how to better leverage your time, yourself, your resources, your money and your products /services.

If someone you know recommended this program to you, then ask them why it may be of such importance for you to put your business aside to attend.

We have found that most graduates agree that attending this program was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

Think of what problem you may have that we could help you solve that could make you say that this is one of the best decisions you will ever make… then go for that reason!

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