What type of Instructors will I learn from?

BSE’s is taught by successful entrepreneurs (including those committed to the betterment of humanity), experts and individuals who have mastered their area of expertise. Dame DC Cordova, has co-lead many English BSE’s – and over 75 Chinese Business Schools. Her leading team includes instructors from her signature Money & You program who will facilitate daily coaching of the participants as they go through the various exercises and business simulations.

The games, simulations, exercises and the sharing of the participants are the recipe for the success of the program – and creates the highly effective learning environment.

The instructors and guest speakers are eager to share their expertise and the learning experiences they had accomplishing their goals – and many, working on making the world better for humanity. This is the beauty of the “Excellerated Learning” technology and our teaching format, which, since 1979, has been proven to be highly successful.

All instruction is focused on application rather than just delivering information. This prevents the typical “seminar” pattern of getting “hyped up” with enthusiasm in the moment and then forgetting it soon after. Part of the technology is to provide tools for you to implement the teachings, strategies and ideas generated by the experiential learning environment.

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