What will I get out of this program?

  • Awareness of the New Technologies and “The New Wave” of entrepreneurship, business opportunities and products and services globally.
  • Systems and information on how to expand your business and markets globally, including emerging nations
  • A network of successful global entrepreneurs that do business “from the heart” and know that profits are a by-product of products and services that add value to your customers and clients and for some, humanity
  • You will learn money-making strategies to increase revenue, profits and wealth
  • You will be able to discern, distinguish and more clearly see trends and opportunities to successfully grow your business / organization
  • How to monetize your product or services better than your current models
  • Financial strategies
  • A planning tool that took man to the moon ahead of schedule and how to apply it to your business
  • How to leverage intangible assets
  • Offline and online marketing strategies, tips & distinctions
  • Building high performance winning teams
  • How to get your business to work without you through total leverage
  • How to hire and get the right people in the right roles
  • How to predict and profit from the future
  • How to capture new markets and become a global business
  • Communicating with power and passion
  • How to expand your sphere of influence
  • How to focus on your life purpose
  • You will experience more joy and personal freedom as you apply the principles and tools that will be shared with you
  • You will learn to become stronger and better able to respond to uncertainty
  • You will become a better communicator who will enroll customers, suppliers, partners and employees with ease
  • You will learn tools to master your fears and become more resourceful
  • How to overcome obstacles to having the life of your dreams
  • You will get a personal experience of how to do “more with less” as you put into practice the STRATEGIES to CREATING A MULTI-MILLION (possibly A BILLION) DOLLAR BUSINESS

Plus…Our Unique, Experiential Curriculum Means You’ll Partner with Your Peers In Creating a Real-Life Business Model –

During this 8-day, immersion-style program, you’ll actually practice implementing the powerful, cutting-edge teachings you’ll receive — by experientially applying these leadership, team-building, marketing, finance, communication and empowerment lessons that you can use immediately in your business and organizations.

You’ll build a completely new business with a small group of peers — doing market research, planning production and distribution, envisioning sales and marketing, handling finance and capital formation, even exhibiting the launch of your new “business” at an exclusive trade show toward the end of the week.

What’s the payoff? Substantial cash prizes to the winning team — plus the immersion-style benefit of applying what you learn before you take it back to your own business!

Once you leave, your real “business school” will begin – and if you apply the principles and tools taught – you will have the opportunity to:

  • Transform your business into a well-oiled, systems-driven machine so it runs without your direct involvement every day.
  • Create a master plan for your business and for your life that produces the maximum profit for the minimum effort, risk and expense
  • Learn and practice first-hand what it takes to form and lead a winning entrepreneurial team so you return to your business with a whole new set of distinctions that can be applied immediately for greater productivity
  • Maximize your time, capital and opportunities — effectively leveraging yourself and your business — including “off the books” assets you never thought you had
  • Get practical tools, information, and distinctions about what’s working in high-growth businesses today — then return to your real-world business and retool your business model, your team and your profitability.
  • Discover new leadership skills so you can truly be free and have the time to spend doing more things that you love (including spending more time with family)
  • Network with the vast BSE graduates who are being invited to return and review the program and to meet you – even partner with you in expanding each other’s global markets
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