How will I know if type of education really works?

“Accelerated Learning” was developed by research psychologists and professional educators in the early 70’s and the major contributors included the seminal work of Dr. Georgi Lozanov as well as Nobel Prize winners, Roger Sperry and Robert Ornstein.

The effectiveness of “Accelerated Learning” has been objectively measured and Don Schuster, professor of psychology at Iowa State University, was able to record that “it produced at least 300 percent improvement in the speed and effectiveness of learning.”

UNESCO has acknowledged “Accelerated Learning’s” effectiveness in learning languages, and the magazine Educational Technology stated “it is a tool that allows students to absorb and retain a two-year language course in as few as 20 days.”

Our Excellerated Learning Technology had its beginnings with Georgi Lozanov having actually been hired from the Bulgarian government in 1978 by the co-founders to teach them “Accelerated Learning” which was then applied to the programs. Through the years the work evolved as different elements were added and it took a life of its own. Happily, this technology has been proven over and over again to be one of the most powerful in the world. It is a combination of “Accelerated Learning” methodologies and games, exercises and simulations that we have created through the decades.

What else sets us apart is the combined teachings of the four masters that were mentioned earlier; plus, Bucky Fuller’s principles which encourages making mistakes and then correcting as fast as you can, it’s dynamite. This is how we developed our entire educational system and curriculum.

We are keen to share this technology with as many people as possible and encourage your participation.

Our purpose is to “Uplift Humanity’s Consciousness Through Socially- Responsible Businesses” which includes the transformation of educational systems globally which is key to eradicate poverty and hunger.

We are happy to say that we have had a positive impact in several countries, which are now using this type of learning technology more and more in their educational systems including Singapore which is one of the leading countries in having an effective system of education. This is due, thanks to the many graduates, their staff and teams who continue to support this work and take it into their own spheres of influence.

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