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We all know the world is changing fast---so fast, in fact, it is hard to keep up! Right now, real opportunities exist for entrepreneurs to turn their hand to enterprises which truly solve global challenges in innovative, profitable, and entrepreneurial ways---in fact in ways Governments and traditional structures can no longer provide.

The Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs is specifically designed for the future-thinking business owner, entrepreneur and investor who is keen to be that step ahead of the pace and see what is coming.

It is also a unique opportunity to spend an experiential, transformational 8 days and nights (10 if you arrive early as many do and begin connecting with outer participants) working on yourself AND your business/project or venture fulfilling the 'Business Success Model' unique to our education in your world. Sessions run from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm followed by small group dinners with our key instructors, some who are billionaires, multi-millionaires, and Masters, and fellow Participants from all over the world, working on your enterprise and seeing you contribute to others.

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The Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs also gives you a chance to take a deep dive in the Excellerated's Business Success Model---literally the steps to produce extraordinary results. Through that and the program's unique design, you'll learn new information, strategies, and tactics, as well as, new found skills and you'll be stretched and challenged as a leader. Bottom line: you will come out of these 8-days as a next-level entrepreneur, leader, and global thinker.


With a combination of learning sessions, entrepreneurs and expert panels with people who are already at the forefront of these arenas, it will be a unique exploration of what's possible. If you are serious about what is coming for our own and future generations AND what role you can play in creating, driving or investing in businesses that will solve world scale issues, then this program is not to be missed.

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